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Pay Per Click Services

PPC Agency in Tampa - Pay-per-click advertising.
Pay-per-click advertising can help you get quick, targeted exposure online in Google, YouTube, and Bing search engines, as well as in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Targeted ads like these can help boost your business’ leads and profits quickly.

Search Engine PPC

Setting up and managing Google Ads and Bing Ads can help your website show at the top of Google and Bing search engines when your customers are searching for your products and services, bringing you laser-targeted leads instantly.

Social Media Pay-Per-Click Ads

Running pay-per-click ads on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter allows you to reach your target audience and acquire new visitors to your site and leads with smaller budgets.

Google Display Advertising

The Google Display Network allows you to benefit from the power of AI to deliver your ads to thousands of people who fall into your target audience based on their behaviors and interests. Your ads can be displayed on various websites, and apps as well as on YouTube and in GMail.

PPC With Video Advertising

Combining PPC ads with video ads gives you more engagement from targeted audiences viewing your promotional, informational, or testimonial videos. This gives your business an advantage over your competition, helping your business get more leads and clients for years to come.
Quick Return On Your Investment

Effective PPC Management For Your Business

No matter what type of business you have, a well-designed and properly managed PPC campaign can be the most effective way to quickly advertise your business online.

Your online ads will be laser-targeted to show only to your potential clients.

Although it does require an advertising investment on your part, the return on investment can be quick and lucrative for your business.

Leveraging the power of AI, online ads can help bring you new leads and sales online over and over again.

PPC Agency Tampa

Our PPC experts can help you get started. Get in touch with us today! For a free consultation, give us a call at (813) 397-8025.

What We Do

PPC agency in Tampa, Chavez Affiliates has been setting up and managing online ad campaigns for clients since 2008.

As Google Partners, we specialize in creating the best and most effective Google Ads campaigns that get your website at the top of the Google search for your industry keywords quickly.

Google Ads Expert Tampa

Being number one in the search results is exactly where you want to be when your clients are looking for businesses like yours online.

After conducting thorough keyword research using Google’s database, determining your target demographic, and target location we will create a winning Google Ads campaign for your business.

With daily monitoring and tweaking, we manage your ad budget to get you the best return on investment for your ads.

A successful Google Ads campaign is how you get new clients doing business with you, day in and day out.

In combination with social media ads, display ads and video ads, we will expand your business’ reach on the internet to increase your brand awareness and bring you more leads and sales.

How You Benefit

When you choose to have the PPC specialists at Chavez Affiliates create and manage your online advertising campaigns for your business, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the best online advertising management for your business…giving you a great return on your advertising dollar!

PPC Experts Managing Your Ad Campaigns

Chavez Affiliates, PPC agency is a Google Partner, and our advertising specialists are also Google Ads Certified experts. With over 14 years of experience running online ads for our clients your online advertising will be the very best it can possibly be.

PPC Management Services Tampa

Our social media advertising specialists will help you expand your brand awareness through social media PPC ads, display ads and video ads.

With your online advertising campaigns professionally created and managed by the experts at Chavez Affiliates, you can enjoy more sales for your business month after month.

To have the online ad experts at Chavez Affiliates create the best online advertising campaign for your business that will help increase your sales, call (813) 397-8025 for a free digital marketing consultation.

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