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Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing Tampa
Healthcare digital marketing agencies such as Chavez Affiliates can help create your online marketing campaign such that new patients choose your private practice over your competition. We do this by positioning your practice as the leader in your industry online.

Healthcare digital marketing agency, Chavez Affiliates has over 14 years of experience creating successful online marketing campaigns for private practice physicians and surgery centers.

We can help position your medical practice as the leader in your industry locally with our proven digital marketing strategies.

After thorough market research and keyword research for your practice, professional and informative content creation will help put your practice at the top of search engines like Google. This way, new patients will find you first, and choose your practice as a trusted provider over your competition.

Medical Marketing Firm Tampa - Chavez Affiliates

As experts in healthcare SEO, Google Ads, Reputation Management, and social media management we will create a world-class online campaign for your practice that will bring you new patients from the internet day after day.

Get in touch with us to get started! For a free consultation, give us a call at (813) 397-8025

What We Do

At medical marketing agency, Chavez Affiliates, we take the time to fully understand your medical services.

Medical Video Production

Medical SEO Services Tampa

We work with you to create informational videos in which your doctors explain and perform the procedures and treatments offered by the practice.

We also create testimonial videos from your actual patients explaining how their experience was at your practice, and how they benefited from their treatment.

Social Media Marketing For Doctors


Healthcare Social Media Management in Tampa

As part of our healthcare social media marketing campaign, we will consistently create social media content that educates your audience, helps them get to know your doctors and your practice, instills trust, and helps show that you are the leader in your industry within your community.

System For Collecting Google Reviews


If you struggle to get patient Google reviews, not to worry, we have a proven system to help get your patients to write Google reviews for your practice on a consistent basis.

We create a complete professional medical marketing campaign for your practice that helps create brand awareness and a stellar online reputation for your doctors and overall medical practice.

Once your potential patients search for your treatments online, they will find your practice first, and choose to be cared for by you based on your online presence and reputation.

How You Benefit

With a beautiful, professional website and social media channels filled with your informational videos and patient testimonials, your potential patients on the internet will develop trust in you and your practice.



Instill Trust In Your Web Visitors

As a trusted healthcare provider, potential patients will feel at ease to call your practice to learn more about treatments, and schedule consultations.

Internet Marketing for Doctors Tampa

Once your practice’s internet marketing campaign is complete and running, you will enjoy patients contacting you and fellow physicians referring patients to you month after month, indefinitely, helping your practice grow.

To have the experts at our medical marketing agency, Digital Marketing Agency Tampa – Chavez Affiliates get started on your medical digital marketing campaign that will help grow your practice, call (813) 397-8025 for a free digital marketing consultation.

Your Practice Can Be The #1 Choice

With the right healthcare marketing in place, your practice can be at the top of search engines like Google and YouTube when your potential patients are looking for more information about the treatments you offer.

Doctor Digital Marketing in Tampa

Once your practice’s online content becomes a trusted source of information, and is successful at putting your potential patients’ minds at ease regarding your treatments, your practice can be the number one choice.

Consistent and professional content creation and publication all over the internet will put you at the top, leaving your local competition behind.

More New Patients For your Practice

To enjoy the benefits of growth, medical directors must put the time and effort into digital marketing for their medical practice.

Medical Practice Marketing Tampa

That’s where our professional digital marketing for doctors can help you. At Digital Marketing Agency Tampa – Chavez Affiliates, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we will take care of it all for you.

Working together, we can help make your medical practice grow through new online leads. Let’s get started!

Give us a call today at (813) 397-8025 for a free digital marketing consultation, or send us a message by clicking the button below:

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