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Landscaping Tune-Ups, Inc. – Landscape Design

Internet Marketing Campaign Summary

Landscaping Tune-Ups, Inc. is a landscape design company specializing in creating and installing new landscape designs for existing homes and completely new landscaping for new homes.

They have been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1989.

They retained Chavez Affiliates to generate new leads for their business from the internet.

A new website was designed to showcase the stunning landscape designs that they create and install for their clients.


Highly-Converting Website Design

Digital Marketing for Landscaping Contractors Tampa


To help drive traffic to Landscaping Tune-Ups’ website, consistent SEO techniques are used to help their website rank at the top of Google. In addition, a Google Ads campaign has been set up and maintained by Chavez Affiliates.

Fresh content in the form of project photos, and 3-D CAD design images and videos are published on their website and on their social media channels on a regular basis.


Online Social Media Presence

Digital Marketing Agency for Landscape Designers Tampa


Internet Marketing Strategy

    • Keyword research based on the landscape design services they provide.
    • Professional content creation that promotes their services.
    • Content distribution to optimized social media channels for maximum exposure on the internet.
    • Social media marketing using professional graphics and video to promote Landscaping Tune-Ups and engage with audiences across their channels.
    • Promotion and link building through consistent content creation and distribution, positioning Landscaping Tune-Ups at the top of search engines.
    • Monitoring and analyzing results consistently to ensure continuous growth.
    • Online market domination for Landscaping Tune-Ups, helping to generate consistent leads for the business.


Internet Marketing Campaign Execution

After researching which keyphrases potential clients type into the search engines when looking for landscape design services, our internet marketing experts created an online presence for Landscaping Tune-Ups.

The campaign consists of a highly converting and informative website including beautiful photographs of their work, and ads that help generate new leads for their business.


Campaign Results

This internet marketing campaign for Landscaping Tune-Ups is ranking at the top of search engines like Google, Bing and YouTube and generating new leads for them consistently. Over 6,000 new website visitors are reported per year.

Using our proven digital marketing system, we can help your local business generate new leads from the internet as well.

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